Things Which Can Prove To Be Fun IF You Do It In New Orleans

New Orleans is a very amazing and great place which you can visit during your holidays. There is a large number of awesome and breathtaking attractions which you can visit in New Orleans.

But there are somethings in New Orleans beyond the guide books and encyclopedia which are pretty much fun doing.

You Can Eat Here With Your Hands

Basically when you visit any city of the western countries food is eating with a fork and knife or spoons. But when you are dining in New Orleans you will have the freedom of eating using your hands. The major reason behind this is that New Orleans cater a shellfish culture. So the only way through which you can fill in your gut is by using your hands.

You Can Browse In A Supermarket 


Exploring locally owned stores such and Langenstein’s and Rouses Supermarkets can prove to be very fun. Here you can take on the pleasure of shopping and have fun in their pantry just by grabbing a cup of coffee, Zapp’s Potato Chips and enjoy the atmosphere there.

You Can Cool Yourself Off With A Sno-ball

In New Orleans, the subtropical heat is around for 8 to 9 summer months and the only way to counter it is Sno-balls.

Sno-balls are basically made from finely shaved ice which is drenched in sugary syrups. It is either served in cups or Chinese take-out containers and is basically served by trucks, take away windows or small sweet shops.

Hope you will try out all these things on your next trip to New Orleans.